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Andry Lim and Josephine Gamboa share in the book, "The Essentials of Natural Farming in Philippine Context", how to grow foods that heal. They provide illustrated, simple and practical solutions and techniques that highlight the preparation and uses of inputs, application of protocols, and fundamental techniques in gardening and livestock that have been tested since 2001. Organic. Natural. Ecological.

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About the authors

Nineteen years of teaching natural farming to thousands of participants nationwide in the Philippines

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the book? - The book is P1,500.00 each, the standard retail price.

2. How much is the shipping fee (SF) for Philippines? - The SF via LBC is P165.00.

3. Do you deliver to anywhere in the Philippines? - Yes, we do, provided LBC serves your area.

4. Do you deliver to anywhere outside of the Philippines? - Yes, we do, provided international couriers serve your area.

5. How do I pay? - You may pay using 3 options. A) Via Paypal. Please click the "Buy Now" / "Add to Cart" button. B) Deposit payment to account of November G. Canieso-Yeo at BPI 1329-1601-53 or BDO 000-728-031-378, and email picture of receipt to novembercanieso@homeorganicph.com or to Facebook messenger November Canieso-Yeo. C) Palawan Express to November G. Canieso-Yeo 09175418462 or 09399187020 and send picture of remittance.

6) When do I receive the book? - We send the book via LBC the next day. If order is with plants, we deliver every Monday, to make sure the plants are delivered by LBC during the week.

7) How do I give my shipping details? - Please send your complete name, complete address, and phone number to FB Page Home Organic PH messages, or email to novembercanieso@homeorganicph.com.


Free one (1) kalingag Philippine cinnamon worth P200 for every 1 book purchased. Shipping fee for book + 1 cinnamon seedling is P385.
The P385 shipping fee can accommodate 4 seedlings, in case you'd like to maximize the box. Each seedling is P200.

foreword by Han Kyu cho

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