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9 Organic Gardening Teachers To Follow in FB & Why

This is to share 9 organic gardening teachers whose generosity and body of work I admire.  Follow their personal page, or better yet, befriend them in FB and ask them questions.  I hope you could learn from them, too.  Here’s why I follow them in Facebook (FB):

    1. Pamela T.  Henares – I know Ms. Pam personally, and I’ve been to her farm, too. She’s the pioneer in vermicomposting in Negros Island (Philippines) when she started it in 1998, and may have the largest vermicomposting farm in the Philippines.  She’s practically a living encyclopedia on the culture of the African Night Crawler worms.  (You’ve gotta have some in your garden because they’re immensely beneficial!)  She’s one of the pillars in organic farming in the island, and her farm is a Certified Learning Site by the Agricultural Training Institute.  She’s also one of the recipients of the 2017 Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs given by Go Negosyo.  She’s nurturing a 2-hectare native trees forest in her farm.  Also, she’s into bokashi composting and hugelkultur.  As a person, she’s generous, considerate, and gentle, and dining in her farm is a great experience.  Her organic food simply tastes good, and you could really feel the instant boost in your body!  If you’d like to know what are the current trends, she’s the person to follow.  You can see her work in the following materials:
    1. Jojo Rom – I’ve been consulting with Jojo online since 2012 (for free-he’s generous like that!), and I learned much about organic gardening from him.  His manual, “Urban Container Gardening:  A Home Farming Manual” is one of my textbooks (I bought it for a very reasonable price).   Jojo goes around the country giving talks, but you could ask him online to clarify about the pictures that he posts online.  There’s deep thought and experience embedded in his projects.
    1. John Kohler – Mr. Kohler has a very helpful site. I’ve been subscribed to John Kohler’s YouTube site for years now. He’s very thorough when he explains, and I like his many techniques, such as planting perennial greens, eating what you grow/growing what you eat, juicing at home, etc, as well as his humor. Admittedly, he talks a lot, so I set the speed to 1.5-2x.  Nonetheless, I learn a lot from him.  You could see his works here:
    1. Shubhendu Sharma – Mr. Sharma is the founder of Afforestt, a social entrepreneurship engaged in planting and nurturing 100 year old forests in only 10 years.  Amazing, right?  You could follow his work here:
    1. Jet Orbida – I met Jet in the organic festival and Bacolod, and we instantly just talked.  Friendly, generous, and very humble, Jet is an ideal mentor.  Since then, I consulted with him anything and everything about organic gardening.  He gave me many seeds, too.  Jet was recently awarded as the Outstanding Coconut Farmer for 2017 by the Department of Agriculture.  Very well-deserved.  You could see Jet’s work here:
      • Peacepond – This is their 2 hectare coconut and mangrove farm, along with the 24-strong members of the farmers’ association.
    1. Dr. Albert Jo –  I call myself a big fan of Dr. Jo.  From him, I learned that food IS medicine.  And in his farm, Rapha Valley, they make healthy food great tasting and beautiful, too!  I’ve brought a number of guests to his farm because it is simply awesome.  When you visit the farm, you also get to talk to, and learn from, Dr. Jo.  You could see his works here:
    1. Gabe Brown – I’ve watched a number of videos wherein Mr.  Brown spoke, and his views on the importance of the soil are very inspiring.  You can see his works here:
    1. Rosalind Creasy – Her works in Edible Landscaping are both beautiful and inspiring!  She’s been in edible landscaping since 1970, and she’s a pioneer at it, too.  You can see her works here:
  1. Geoff Lawton – Mr. Lawton has been working on permaculture since 1983 (34 years).  I read his articles piece by piece, and there’s so much to digest.  You can see his works here:

Following and knowing more about the work of these 9 will surely boost your journey.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ – Hippocrates, 431 BC.


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