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How to Grow Onion for Seeds

We love organic onions because eating them is one way how to prevent cancer and diabetes.  Of course, onions taste great, and we always need it for cooking.

We planted an onion bulb for seeds, as we noticed garden plants of our seeds are healthier. We planted it in a rubber pot to control it’s environment.  The bulb fully flowered around Feb 24, and we harvested seeds around April 10. From 1 bulb came a total of 4 flower bunches, so far. The bottom picture are seeds from 1 flower bunch alone (we already planted some). Each flower bunch has at least around 100 pods, with each pod containing 2-4 seeds. In short, we could expect around 800-1600 seeds from 1 bulb alone so far. We hope to enjoy the full health benefits of natural foods from organic  gardening, and to never buy onion seeds. How generous God is!

    • We got horrified when onion in Bacolod City, the Philippines, reached P80 per kilo some time ago, so we vowed to grow our own onions.
    • Per our experience, onions like a daily dose of urine mixed with water (1 urine:10 water ratio).
  • Questions asked from me, and my answers:
      • Should I wait for the leaves to dry up and then harvest, or can I harvest even when the leaves are fresh?
        • We waited for the flowers to turn into pods.  When pods dry up and slightly open, we harvest the pods.  We don’t harvest the leaves.
      • How do you know that it’s time to harvest the seeds?
        • You may harvest the pod seeds once the flower dries up and pods start to open.
      • After flowering, does it have onion bulb underneath the soil?
        • While flowering, there are already 2 bulbs protruding from the ground. We’re not harvesting the bulbs because we’d like the seeds first.
      • 2bulbs1
      • Did you plant onions you got from the grocery store?
        • Yes, just an ordinary onion from the market. In case you see an onion with a green leaf starting out, better choose that, as it will grow faster.
      • How do you plant onions?
        • We just planted the onion with sprouting leaves into the soil, and watered it daily with urine+water. I think, it was important that we had the right friable soil made of 2 parts semi-composted sawdust, 1 part vermicast, 1 part top soil, and 1 part carbonized rice hull. Onions will rot (I think), if soil doesn’t drain well. Full day sun.



  1. One piece of advice regarding the growing of crops for seed, you need to grow quite a few of the same plant and variety together, this will ensure a stronger pollination and increases the transfer of ”good genetics”, you then pick the seeds only from the strongest looking bulbs / plants and re-plant these (take some for food use but ensure you get a good supply for re-planting again) after a few generations you will end up with a variety that is best suited and adapted to your soil and garden’s climate, the better quality crop you will get from it too!
    Good luck with it, I plan on doing some of that this year too, mainly with beetroot to start with.

  2. Hi, I found out the other day that you need at least 25 onion bulbs together in the same bed to create good seed genetics. This shouldn’t be a problem to do unless you are really pressed for space.
    Onion seed is a good idea and should be done regularly, I have had problems this year with an older seed pack that I bought in 2016, it had great germination rate last year but now so far this year I have had 100% failure in 4 batches, onion seed just doesn’t store well and needs to be used the same year or following.

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