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Simple Urine Collection and Usage

Growing up in a small town in the Philippines, we always used urine as organic fertilizer.  We had a chamber pot (“urinola” in Ilonggo dialect) in our bedroom, and my siblings and I used it in the evening.  In the morning, the urine is poured over the garden soil.

Today, how do we collect urine in our household and how do we use it?

Option 1.

  1. This is how my daughter, helper and I do it.  Each of us has a “pee bucket”.  It’s recycled plastic container, and each of us pee in it, whether placed in the garden or in the bathroom.


2.  Using another bucket, we put 1 urine: 10 water, and then water it to the garden soil, but NOT to the garden plants.


Option 2.

  1. This is how my husband does it.  He has a “pee jug”.  It’s also a recycled plastic container, and after peeing in it, he immediately puts water in it.  The result is, he has several jugs containing 1 urine: 10 water mixture.
  2. He pours this mixture to the garden soil, but NOT to the plants, in the morning or afternoon.
  3. Of course, he also pees directly on the garden soil, but NOT to the garden plants.Pee2

If you’d like to read more if urine is safe to use as organic fertilizer, this article is a good read.

Maximize your urine by using it as organic fertilizer!


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